((( Round Tables )))

How important are the early years to successful life-long learning?

The early years are important, but in some domains of learning their importance can be overestimated ...

John Gabrieli
Department of Psychology
Stanford University

The first five years are important in many different domains ...

Thomas Insel
U.S. National Institute
of Mental Health

I don't believe that birth-to-three defines your life ...

Steven Petersen
Department of Neurology and Neurological Surgery
Washington University in St. Louis

The more difficult question is the extent to which the absence of those early kinds of experiences impairs in any permanent way later development ...

Terry Robinson
Department of Psychology
University of Michigan

The case of language acquisition is unique compared to other learning skills ...

Kuniyoshi L. Sakai
Department of Cognitive and Behavioral Science
The University of Tokyo, Komaba